Monday, 27 October 2014

Dominoes - What are the Criteria for a Good Question?

Students looked at this picture and were asked to write down any questions or wonderings they had.
In visible random groups they shared their questions with each other and on mini whiteboards they wrote out their three best questions and why they thought they were the best questions. Here are them working on it.

Then students snowballed around the room and looked at other groups best three questions. Each group then picked what they thought was the best of the three and wrote down why. The feedback was put in an envelope and left at the desk. Eventually groups returned to their home place and were then allowed to open the envelope and read what other groups felt was their best question and why. Groups then put this information on chart paper. (both classes shown)


All of these posters were put up and students did a gallery walk and read all the best questions and why they were chosen as the best questions.

Then groups made a poster of what the criteria are for a good question.


One more gallery and then we as a class made a poster of the criteria for a good question that we could all agree open. Here are both classes final posters.


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