Thursday, 25 September 2014

War with Radians

A little review of radians and a review of the special triangles from last year only this year with radians.
If you ever played the game war as a kid you will love this. War for math concepts is not my idea. I first read about it here.

We made a deck of 54 angles. Here is what they looked like. Once they were cut they were "bagged". Ready to be dealt.

Students then played war with the highest angle between 0 and 2pi winning.

Once students played for a while we split the room into winners and wieners, got new match ups and then played sine war. After sine war we had 6 students left who were 2-0, a bunch who were 1-1 and 6 who were 0-2 in their matches. We all got new match ups again and then we played cosine war. Should of been three students who were 3-0 but we had a tie. So 4 students left standing. These 4 students got new match ups and we had semi finals and a final declared by rock paper scissors.
Best quote on departure "that was actually fun!"

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